- SOLUS Cleaners -



Empty Apartment ideally 1bd/1ba

$150 (usually 1-2 hours)

Furnished apartment ideally 1-2bd/1-2ba

$200 (usually 1.5-2.5 hours)

Whole house

$ 300 (usually 2-4 hours)

Deep Clean

$400  ( usually 6+ hours)

  • Before we were an STR Management Solution, we were CLEANERS.  
  • When we became SUPER HOSTS the feedback was we were great at CLEANING.  
  • We figured since we were doing such a great job, we should offer up our service to more than just our short-term rental properties. We are pleased to announce that you too can hire our cleaners to leave your place SOLUS clean. 
  • Call today and leave everything else to us.